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  1. 发布时间:2020-07-06
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  4. 来源:联想集团
  5. 职位:2021校园招聘-Global Future Leaders

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Global Future Leaders Program

About the Program

      The world is our stage, the sky is the limit. At Lenovo we believe smarter technology takes a global mindset with trust and respect for one another, enabling us to do exciting and rewarding work that intelligently transforms our world. We are recognized as one of the world’s Most Admired & Best Regarded Companies, a Top 100 Global Tech Leader, and rank #212 on the Fortune Global 500. This is a place where ideas grow, initiative wins, achievements are seen, and we love the work we get to do.

ub8优游登录      Lenovo is proud to offer our Global Future Leaders Program. This program engages high-achieving, driven students by immersing them into the world of a global technology company. In your first two years, you will participate in cross-border/cross-organization rotations where you will transform and grow while engaging with key stakeholders, gaining deep insight into our organization, and developing comprehensive leadership skills while making a global impact. Through customized training and development, our goal is to fast-track you to a leadership role by year five.

ub8优游登录      We believe that Smarter takes YOU!

Application Process

      Application: 2020/6 - 2020/8/31

      Online Assessment: 2020/9

      Interview ::2020/9-2020/10

      Offer: 2020/11




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